Wednesday, October 29, 2008

well last weekend we went and signed Alisa up for cheerleading, then we went to her soccer game, then we went to her school fall festival and then we went camping on an island and cooked out hotdogs and sausages. It got really cold at night, but it was still a lot of fun. when we woke up we went out on the boat and found dolphins, i tried to touch them, but they went under the boat before I could. Anyway's it's wednesday, we're gonna carve our pumpkin tonight and I'm making a lasagna. On Friday at work , we're only working half of the day then theyre buying us all lunch and bringing us bowling, so that should be fun, then I've got to hurry home and go trick or treating with the kids. And on Saturday Alisa is having her birthday party at our house and having a slumber party. I also bought a hair cutting kit so I'm able to cut Brandon's hair now, that's gonna save me a lot of money!

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