Sunday, September 21, 2008

so we went out to big lagoon yesterday for John's birthday. Lucy cooked a bunch of food and we gave everyone tube rides, except on the last boat trip the rope got all tangled in one of the engines, thank goodness we have two engines, we just had to go really slow on the way back. Robert's gonna have to work on getting the rope out today.I am being so lazy so far this morning. I think we're gonna go eat at my dad's later, that should be fun! I did this little test on the computer this morning to see about how tall the kids will be when they grow up and Alisa's suppose to be 5'6" and Brandon's suppose to be 5'7". Im only 5'3" and Robert's 5'7". anyways that's it!


Christy said...

wheres the test at i wanna put my kids in it lol!! and Robert's only
5'7 i thought he was taller then that! i guess cause i am just 5'2 maybe he seemed it lol! and that sucks about the rope in the engine i hope he can fix boats are so expensive to get worked on!!

Jennifer said...

I just googled height and weight charts and found it, It said at age 8 for a girl you're 75% of you're adult height, but theirs also a test you can take and both came out to 5'6". He was able to fix the boat, thank goodness!

Jennifer said...

I found it-