Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so today's wednesday, it was a pretty good day! Starting friday we're gonna be so busy until school starts. Alisa has orientation on friday and swim lesson's, Then at 5:30 she has a hair apt. to get hi-lights, then after that she's going to a slumber party. Then I think me ,robert and brandon might go to mguires and meet a couple friends up their. Saturday I have to make pasta salad, because we're meeting robert's family at big lagoon and gonna play on the boat, after that we'll probably be too tired to do anything else and sunday I have to get school supplies and school clothes for Alisa. Well I guess Friday is my only really busy day. Well that's it! Oh ya almost forgot, my dad and stepmom bought me an awesome hammok(not sure how to spell it) I almost fell asleep in it yesturday.

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