Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's saturday. Alisa got home about an hour ago from a slumber party, she didn't get much sleep, so she's sleeping now. We aren't going out on the boat today, because it's supposed to rain. Alisa has another birthday party to got to at 5:00 at the ymca pool, I really don't want to bring her, but she has a huge crush on the birthday boy, so i guess i have to. Anyway's her hi-lights turned out really good. Brandon also got a hair cut last night at walmart. Me, robert and Brandon stayed at walmart until 10:00 last night and then we went to subway.W e also went to Alisa's orientation yesturday and every kid in her class get's their own laptop to use, Her teacher got a grant for it, their the only one's in the whole school who get that. Her teacher seems like she's gonna be very hard, I just hope she still makes straight A's she has made a couple B's, but never a C. Brandon starts pre-k on monday, i think he'll do good, he just likes to play alot! Well that's it for now!

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