Thursday, August 6, 2009

well we are doing great on our Dave Ramsey program. We are on are last credit card only $3,000 and we will be debt free besides are 2 mortgages. And we should have our main house paid off in 5 years if we stick to the plan, which we will! Ive only been spending $200 a month for groceries and we don't ever go out to eat, it was really hard at first, but it's so worth it! Well that's it!


Christy said...

wow 200 a mt i spend that a week what do y'all eat? i really need to cut spending on groceries and eating out we eat out way to much i really really want to save money and pay our debt off but i don't know if i can its so hard to save lol maybe i should just go cold turkey and do it i would have to give up all the junk food and soda thou but hey maybe i would lose some weight to hummm.. your doing great!!! hey you remember shea? shes pregnant like 14weeks

Jennifer said...

We did it cold turkey, I lost at least 10 lbs. I was so tired of always using are credit card and our min. payment was getting crazy.I don't know if you have the fox buisiness network, but if you do Dave Ramsey comes on every night at 7 and he will really get you motivated.Wow I can't believe she's pregnant, that's cool!