Friday, February 13, 2009

so today was cool. We got the kids off to school, then went to Target and I got Brandon a leap frog abc dvd and he really seems to like it, he has trouble recognizing his letters, but I think he'll know them in no time now! Then we went to the mall and ate breakfast and I got a new plaid button down shirt that I love! Then we went to the Rave and saw Taken, it was an awesome movie! Then we went to the other mall and Robert got 2 pairs of jeans. Then we went and visited my mom at work, then we went to books a million and I bought Alisa the Hannah montanna mall madness game. Then we went and picked up Brandon and went by sonics and got dinner. and I just got back from bringing Alisa to her cheerleading game and she is the cheer captain now. Tomorrow we have to go to a funeral at 2:00, so my mom's gonna watch the kids while we go and make us a lasagna. Then I hope to relax the rest of the weekend and just rent movies and cook!

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