Saturday, January 10, 2009

so I took Alisa to the dentist last week and they found 5 little cavities you could'nt even see them just when they pressed that metal thing in her teeth it was sticky, so that means cavities, so they were fixing to fill them, but right before they did I saw the bill and it said $3,507 and I told them that I would get it done another time, I don't think they were very happy, but I'll just wait until I get on my works insurance, I just never wanted to pay that $30 a month before, but I guess it's a good idea. We're also gonna go ahead and get her braces this month which is only like a thousand more than those stupid fillings. Well anyway's today Alisa has a cheerleading game then after that they have homecomming, that's always fun they get to walk with a basketball player and they get a crown and flowers. After that I'm going to sign Brandon up for wee ball, it's before tee ball. I think he'll be an awesome baseball player! Well other than that I'm gonna make a turkey for dinner because I love turkey sandwiches. I guess that's all for now!

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