Sunday, August 24, 2008

well the storm was not bad at all, it's nice and sunny today. Robert wants us to go out on the boat, but we really need to work on cleaning our other house, because my mom's moving in next weekend.I also need to clean our house, I was so lazy yesturday and I probably gained 100 lbs, all I did was eat and watch movies, but it was fun, because I never do that. well I need to go drink some coffee so that I can get busy! Well we just got back from going on the boat, we had a lot of fun. We found a really cool island to hang out at. When we got home I made some philly cheese steaks. I think Im fixing to play school with Alisa and give her a spelling test until she get's all of her spelling words right, she has a spelling test every friday. Well I think thats about it!

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