Friday, August 1, 2008

well it's friday finally. We just got home from picking the kids up from daycare. We're gonna make hamburgers and french fries in a little while. Robert's mowing the grass right now. Our sago (not sure how to spell it) palm just had 2 more babies, so that's really cool. We're trying to cover the front of our house with them like a fence. We have 8 now! Since we have a babysitter tomorrow night, we're gonna go to the mall, because i got a coupon in the mail for 40% off at American Eagle and I just love that store. We'll probably go to the movies also. Sunday we're gonna go out on the boat and meet up with Robert's side of the family and cook out and bring everyone on tube rides except me, I've been watching shark week and I'm kinda scared since we seen a huge bull shark about a month ago in the shallow end, Robert had just jumped in the boat when it went by us. well thats it for now!

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