Thursday, August 7, 2008

So this week went by pretty fast, thank goodness! I want to go out on the boat again this weekend or to waterville. Alisa's staying with Robert's dad for the next 2 days, it's gonna be weird without her. Anyway's Robert wants me to get off here, so I'll write later!


Christy said...

waterville wow i forgot about that place!! and your right this week did go by fast!! so are you looking fwd to school starting? i bet you will save a ton in day care fees!!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait for school to start. Alisa is starting the 3rd grade and Brandon is starting pre-k. And Brandon's daycare is gonna go down to $80 a week which is so cool!I'm not sure how much Alisa's is gonna be yet, but I think it might be $40 a week, I really hope so, she just has to go to after school daycare.