Thursday, July 24, 2008

well I just got home from work a while ago. we picked the kids up from daycare and i made some frozen pizzas and broccoli. Im trying to get the kids to watch some t.v. so that i can clean. robert's been outside working on the privacy fence, it got a little crooked during the hurricane. anyways last friday we got a call from are renters saying they would be out of the house by the 15th of next month and they were not sure if they could pay all of there rent which really sucks anyways i called my mom and she said that she would move in ,which is awesome, but she cant move in untill the 1st of september because she had to give the guy that she rents from a 30 day notice. I wish we could have gotten a 30 day notice since she didnt even fulfill her lease for a year, she was only their 3 months. well ive got to give brandon a bath now.

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Christy said...

how cool you started a blog i love bloggers style some much better then myspace's its just easyer and yeah..